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Mercedes OM457 engine suffering a major damage from a compressor failure

Compressors are undoubtedly a critical part of the engine, the weakest link in the chain.

While being under dimensioned to comply with fuel economy and engine emission goals, often required to deliver at peak performance.

As it happens this compressor on MB OM 457 engine literally exploded and damaged the engine block as well.

Exploded compressor

Engine with major damage

It would have been fairly easy to say, that an aftermarket compressor can cause such trouble. However digging further, other serious problems were discovered, namely complete lack of maintenance of air-dryer cartridge. Air lines were totally clogged with dirt and it placed an immense pressure on the compressor, resulting in shown end-effect.

Seems like there's no exception to the Murphy rule...


Special thanks to our client Ratko for sharing us his story.


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