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TruckParts.trade welcoming EngineParts.trade...plus explaining the difference

TruckParts.trade is The Truck Parts Professional’s Online Marketplace.

It is ideal for BUYING or SELLING spare parts if you have an exact part number and it is strictly limited to genuine (OE and OEM) new parts only (no copy products, used parts, etc).

However dealing with Engines and Engine Parts is completely different business model.

First of all, people will not have a part number in all cases. It just happens so. Especially in case of complete engines.

Furthermore users will almost always look for following alternatives

  • Genuine New (OE and OEM)
  • Replacement Parts (Copy Products)
  • Reman Engines and Parts (with or without returning the old unit)
  • Used Engines and Parts (checked or unchecked)
  • Damaged Parts (to serve as parts donor)

Finally, we are extremely proud to introduce our unique and industry leading filtering system, that allows to easily narrow-down search results by:

  • Product category (complete engines, blocks, crankshafts...etc)
  • Manufacturer (OE)
  • Product Condition and Origin (genuine new, replacement part, used part...etc)
  • Used in Groups (trucks, buses, earth-moving equipment...etc)

Of course the two sites share a lot together as well...

TruckParts.trade & EngineParts.trade


  • B2B Marketplace to BUY and SELL
  • No registration needed to POST A NEW AD
  • Quick navigation
  • Free forever
  • Backed up by specialists

Welcome to both Marketplaces and wish you will profit the most out of them!

Should you have a question, don't hesitate to get in touch.

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