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NEF (New Engine Family) Complete F4CE0354C*D600 - NEF 3LTC 65 HP ASPIRATED (FPT / New Holland / Fiat / Iveco) P/N: 504092511


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Exporter of IVECO / FPT ENGINE PARTS, headquartered in Slovakia (European Union). 
Genuine (OE), alternative (OEM), Reman.
Professional handling of worldwide deliveries.

Complete NEW ENGINE with engine type NEF STRUCTURAL ENGINE 41 KW TIER 2

3 CYL - 2V- 3,4 L - NA -12V     
Part Number: 504092508

Main Components Description
Engine Rating Max Gross Power: 41 kW @ 2300 rpm; Max Gross Torque: 225 Nm @ 1400 rpm
Homologation Directive 97/68 EEC - Stage2  &  EPA Tier2
Injection Pump Mechanical, rotative, left side
Engine shut off 12V energize to run fuel shut off incorporated in the injection pump
Lift Pump Mechanical, left side
Gear Housing Rear, aluminium,
Flywheel 11", Inertia 0,510 kgm2
Crankshaft Pulley 8 groove - ø 173 mm
Fan Position Onto the engine ;  x=0 mm , y=280 mm; ratio:1,43
Fan  None
A/C Arrangement None
Noise Panel Internal, mounted onto the block
Belt Tensioner Manual
Main Belt 8 groove
Alternator 90 A 12 V, right side
Engine Starter 2,6KW 12 V, right side
Engine air intake Vertical
Water Pump Into the block , front side
Thermostat 83°C opening, 98°C closing
Water Inlet OD=48 mm, slant inlet downwards, right side
Water Outlet OD=45 mm, vertical outlet upwards, right side
Engine Oil Cooler Integrated into the block, right side
Oil Pan Narrow pan oil
Dipstick Vertical pull dipstick, right side
CCV Over cover valve 2-3 cil.
Oil Filter On engine, cyl#1, right side
Oil Fill left side, mid of block
Oil Pump By gears, front side
Fuel Filter On engine, left side,
Grid Heater None
PTO Arrangement B17X14 DIN 5482 ;  Max Torque 100Nm  ;  PTO speed/Engine speed = 1,091
Engine shipment No oil. Iveco anticorrosion treatment
Engine Painting Gray, single coat  (60 μm)


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